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Nudist organizations

I Hope you'll consider joining at least one of these groups as they do a lot to support our nudist lifestyle choices.  Without groups like this we'd all still be hiding in the closet so to speak.   

Nudist experiences begin here! Welcome to the home page of the American Association for Nude Recreation Since 1931, our Association has been a trusted source for nudist information on such topics as what to expect at a nudist club, a nudist resort, or even from a skinny dipping experience. Nude recreation is growing in popularity; over 18% of all Americans would find a visit to a nudist club or other clothes-free experience a highly desirable vacation choice, according to survey results in USA Today. If you and your family have considered giving skinny dipping a try, see yourself as a longtime nudist, or would like to join or visit a nudist club or resort, you're not alone. And you've come to the right place to learn more from the credible voice of reason for nude recreation-The American Association for Nude Recreation. 

The mission of The Naturist Society is to promote a culture of body acceptance through clothing-optional recreation, using the tools of education and community outreach.

The Naturist Society celebrates the nude human form as inherently wholesome and natural. TNS promotes attitudes of tolerance and respect toward the body, and rejects the exploitation of the body for commercial or sexual purposes.

The Naturist Society views clothing-optional recreation as essential to body acceptance. Through clothing-optional recreation participants, be they individuals, couples or families, learn to appreciate the diversity of body types, gain a better understanding and acceptance of their own bodies, and reap the social, psychological, and physical benefits of a healthy and natural way of life.

The Naturist Society believes the interests of naturists are advanced through education and community outreach. TNS recognizes it is part of a larger community and welcomes the challenge of spreading the naturist message.

Naturist Action Committee

Who is NAC?
The Naturist Action Committee is the non-profit political adjunct to The Naturist Society (TNS). NAC's nine volunteer board members are elected democratically from and by the membership of TNS.

NAC is a grass roots organization that relies on the involvement and participation of individual naturists and groups at local levels.

NAC's Mission

NAC exists to advance and protect the rights and interests of naturists throughout North America. NAC supports the responsible recreational nude use of public lands .

Miscellaneous Sites

Build Your Own Solar System & Save Thousands, Money Back Guarantee

International naturist/nudist site featuring information, chat facilities, message board, and pictures from participating naturists worldwide.

Clothes Free TV - Watch the nudist news broadcast in the nude & much more.

ClothesFree International, Inc. is a vibrant network of people, in over 200 countries, who strengthen, protect and celebrate naturist values in this world. We strive every day to refresh our goals, protect the environment and unite people through education and understanding of the naturist philosophy. CFI markets naturism in a innovative and responsible way to act as a good steward of our natural God given rights and to contribute to an improved quality of life. You can start by joining us at ClothesFree.com. Enjoy our show right now and learn more about naturism and how it can improve people's lives around the world. We are a young, ambitious organization. We are committed to promoting body acceptance through all media. We welcome young, old, singles, couples and families.  Click banner above for more info.

Nudist Forum -

Discuss all things related to nudism at this forum.

The worlds best swimsuit -  a perspective on swimming nude vs clothed.

If you're single & looking for other nudists, you might try the link below.

Mountain Air Ranch-

This is our favorite place in Colorado.  It's amazingly beautiful, peaceful, private, quiet and the people are so friendly. 

We'd love to have you join us for a 3 day weekend getaway there.

Check them out at www.trynude.com





Nudist & clothing Optional resorts Near Grand Junction



Orvis Hot Springs is a clothing optional natural hot springs resort that does not heat or treat our water in any way. We offer seven soaking areas that range in temperature from 98-112 degrees. Four of our soaking areas are outside where you can enjoy the gorgeous Colorado sun and the star filled evening sky. We also offer an indoor pool and two private tubs which are great for getting out of the sun or inclement weather. At Orvis Hot Springs, you will find that our natural lithium water will allow you to rest, relax and feel rejuvenated when you leave.


Orient Land Trust -

Orient Land Trust is a Colorado nonprofit land trust dedicated to the preservation of natural resources, wildlife habitat, open space, and historic and geologic features of the northern San Luis Valley for the enjoyment of current and future generations. 100% of unrestricted donations go towards open space and land conservation.

Features of the lands protected by Orient Land Trust include a large bat colony, hot springs, alternative energy use, high altitude dark skies for astronomy, exposed active geological fault, limestone caves, numerous trails into a wilderness area, historic buildings, town sites at an abandoned iron mine and a working ranch.

Visitors to Orient Land Trust experience these features in a naturist setting and may camp or stay in rustic lodging.  The number of visitors is limited based on space available and environmental impact.

This is one of my favorite locations, though it's several hours from Grand Jct.  But the location is very scenic, it's isolated at the end of the long 7 mile dirt road shown below, with NO neighbors or cities nearby to put restrictions on them.  The actual property of OLT is fairly large and once inside the gated area (no fences, just an entry gate) the whole grounds are clothing optional.  This is more of a relaxing type place with not many things like volleyball, bocci ball, etc.  But there's plenty to due with the swimming pool activities, music around camp fires, hiking, sunning and our course, soaking.  Anyway, check their site out by clicking the Name below, and I think you'll enjoy this place.

View the Orient Land Trust website

Note: clicking the photo below will enlarge it.



Our YouTube Nudist Channel at: The Nudist & Naturist Lifestyle YouTube Channel

Our Nudist Blog http://ournudistlife.blogspot.com/ .  Here we will be blogging about our lifestyle, in particular, our nudist lifestyle and some of the things we love about it, experiences we've had, why we think nudism is a great lifestyle, and much much more.  Please subscribe to stay notified of each new blog as we post them, along with photos and more.

Or join us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gjnaturistgroup/ Once you join us here, we can friend you if you would like.

We also have a PRIVATE, website only group you can join, which is not connected to FB and can't be seen by anyone not in our group.  To join this group, contact me at GJ Naturists


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Nudist Resorts, located outside of Colorado -

The Terra Cotta Inn        


One of our favorites, that we are wanting to visit very much is the Terra Cotta Inn.  This is run by Tom & Mary Clare, two people who very actively promote the positive aspect of the nudist lifestyle. 

Here's a little bit about their resort located in Palm Springs, CA-

Looking for a unique, fun, and romantic vacation experience? One that you will want to take over and over again.

"..come take your next vacation at the popular Terra Cotta Inn Nude Sunbathing resort and spa located in Palm Springs, California the sunniest city in the US. AOL Travel just selected us in April of 2012 as one of the 10 Best nudist resorts in the world and wrote TCI is "considered one of the best value nudist vacation resorts in the world."




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